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I was informed to write a short novel about myself. It is unfortunate that I do not want to do this, but rather to discuss my Russian Blues, and the other colors of the Russian Cat.
I am considered a senior citizen at this time, just because I have reached a certain age, go figure.

I am still fully employed and still have my last child living in my home, along with her husband. Seems this is the present generation. But, with this, I also have more members to help in the care of our cats.

I am married and have been for 40+ years to the same gentleman.
My husband is retired from the Army and also is retired from the
civilian work force after spending another 20 years. With his retirement,
and being home, he has been a god send in helping care for the cats.

I have 3 grown children. My youngest is in her twenties, is an Assistant Store Manager, and she and her husband live with me. My middle child, a son, is 33 years old and has recently relocated to Texas. He is an RN, just like his mother. My oldest daughter is a single mother and is employed in South Carolina as a Civil Engineering Technician, which she obtained her training in the US Air Force.

I have been a cat breeder for about 18 years. I became enthralled with the Russian Blues while searching the various breeds of cats.
In 1994, I obtained 2 Russian Blues from Ruth Nesenkar of Pau Nes/ TIAGA cattery. Since this time, we have become friends and have set goals for our catteries.

My goal in breeding the Russian is for them to be a happy,
healthy, loving cat.

Ruth and I imported an Australian Russian White male stud in 1998 to start the Russian Colors here in the USA. With Baryshnikov coming over from Riverlight Cattery in Gawler, Australia, we also increased the gene poole in our Russians. We also brought in a more mellow personality in our kittens/cats as a result of the Australian influence.

From time to time you can find me at TICA and ACFA shows in the Southeast USA.
Come up, say “hi” and meet our beautiful cats.